Lenny in ‘The Homecoming’ Reading

Christopher Prentice joins Ubiquitous Players for an invited reading of Harold Pinter's unsettling comedy of menace The Homecoming, streaming Dec. 9 at 2pm CT.

Chris will read the nasty middle son, Lenny, opposite Suzy Brack as Ruth, Christopher Goode as Joey, John S. Green as Sam, Gary Houston as Max, and Brent Leibowitz as Teddy. Tony Dobrowolski reads stage directions.

When an academic returns to his childhood home in working-class London with his wife — a woman his family of ne'er-do-wells has never met — in tow, rivalries, jealousies, and betrayals ignite as the family vies for the attention of the alluring newcomer, culminating in a disquieting proposition.

To request an invitation, visit ubiquitousplayers.com.