The Comedy of Errors 2024 poster for The Shakespeare Project of Chicago

‘The Comedy of Errors’ with Shakespeare Project

This spring, Christopher Prentice is returning as an actor to in-person public performances when he joins The Shakespeare Project of Chicago for Shakespeare's early farce about multiple twin-confusion, The Comedy of Errors, in the company's second theatrical reading following a pandemic-caused four-year hiatus.

Directed Peter Garino, Chris will play one of the four twins, Antipholus of Ephesus, opposite Joe Lehman as the sibling Antipholus of Syracuse and Josh Bernaski and Aaron Spencer as the Dromios. The cast also includes Erin Sloan as Adriana, Lorelei Sturm as Luciana, and Gary Houston as the Antipholi's father, Egeon, with Rena Ahmed, Robert Cecott, Joe Fernandez, Tim Kough, Dina Monk, Mike Rogalski, and Kendal Romero.

The production features sound design and music by George Zahora. Daniel Millhouse is the stage manager.

This production marks Chris's first in-person public performance since he last appeared with The Project in the title role of Richard III in January 2020. (He served as Equity stage manager for The Project's return to in-person performances, Timon of Athens, in March.) He will appear opposite Lehman in July when the long-running My Name Is Will returns to the Newberry.

The Comedy of Errors runs June 15 at the Newberry Library and June 17 at the Niles-Maine District Library. Reserved admission is free. Visit for the particulars.

Image courtesy Shakespeare Project of Chicago / Peter Garino.