Charles Stransky, Kendall Zwillman, Ashley Wickett and Christopher Prentice

Reading: ‘The Contrast’ and ‘Saving Grace: Anne Hutchinson’


Chris returns to The Shakespeare Project of Chicago for a reading showcasing an early-American comedy and a new work based on a controversial historical figure.

When it premiered in 1787, Royall Tyler’s The Contrast was the first American play to be publicly performed by professional actors. It follows closely in the vein of English Restoration comedies but puts a distinctively American spin on the genre. The reading will feature two scenes which make up Act II of the comedy.

Anne Hutchinson was a Puritan spiritual adviser and important participant in the Antinomian Controversy that threatened to fracture the Puritan religion in the fledgling Massachusetts Bay Colony in the late-1630s. Saving Grace: Anne Hutchinson is a new play that dramatizes Hutchinson’s trial. Adapted by Kendall Zwillman, Peter Garino, and Charles Stransky, the reading features an excerpt of the work in progress.

Chris will appear alongside Peter Garino, Charles Stransky, Ashley Wickett, and Kendall Zwillman.

Excerpts from The Contrast and Saving Grace will be read June 20 at 8pm at Beane Hall on the Loyola University Chicago downtown campus, 111 E. Pearson. Tickets are $10. The event is presented by The Society of Early Americanists and The Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture.