The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath posterStratford Festival – Avon Theatre. Adapted by Frank Galati, based on the novel by John Steinbeck. Directed by Antoni Cimolino.


this is the kind of production that brings credit to Stratford and all of those who work there

Toronto Star

Having survived the drought of the 1930s Dust Bowl only to see their home repossessed by the bank, the Joad family embark on a harrowing trek from Oklahoma to California, intending to begin anew as migrant farm workers. Their arrival in this “promised land,” however, brings its own test of the human spirit.

Inspired by the literary classic, this Tony Award-winning drama tells a timeless story of endurance and hope.

Nicknamed “The Time-Keeper,” Chris played a group of characters whose appearances jolted the Joads in new directions. They included the lawmen Willy, the Second Agricultural Officer, and the Hooper Ranch Guard, as well as three fellas named “Man.” He also understudied the foundering minister, Jim Casy.



Evan Buliung
Tom Joad
Victor Ertmanis
Pa Joad
Tom McCamus
Jim Casy
Janet Wright
Ma Joad
Randy Hughson
Uncle John
Chilina Kennedy
Rose of Sharon
Paul Nolan
Al Joad
Chick Reid
Granma Joad/Elizabeth Sandry
Anna Atkinson
Mark Cassius
Third Salesman/First Agricultural Officer/Fifth Narrator/Ensemble
Ian D. Clark
Granpa Joad/Weedpatch Camp Director/Ensemble
Josh Epstein
First Salesman/Gas Station Owner/Camp Guard/First Man in Boxcar/Ensemble
Kyle Golemba
Fourth Salesman/Hooper Ranch Bookkeeper/Ensemble
Ashleigh Hendry
Floyd’s Wife/Al’s Girl/Ensemble
Peter Hutt
Muley Graves/Contractor/Second Man in Boxcar/Ensemble
Robert King
Man Going Back/Mayor of Hooverville/First Man with Club/Ensemble
Amanda Lisman
Aggie Wainwright/Ensemble
George Meanwell
Andrew Penner
Man with Guitar
Christopher Prentice
Willy/Man in Tent City/Second Agrigultural Officer/Man/Hooper Ranch Guard/Second Man with Club/Ensemble
Steve Ross
Noah Joad/Deputy Sheriff
Tyrone Savage
Floyd Knowles/Second Salesman/Young Man/First Striker/Third Man in Boxcar/Ensemble
Dylan Trowbridge
Fifth Salesman/Man in Barn/Gas Station Attendant/Second Striker/Ensemble
John Vickery
Camp Proprietor/Officer/Mr. Wainwright/Ensemble
Sophia Walker
Second & Third Narrator/Ensemble
Brigit Wilson
Mrs. Wainwright/Ensemble
Abigail Winter-Culliford
Ruthie Joad
Josh Young
Connie Rivers/Ensemble
Gregor Reynolds
Winfield Joad
R. Shayne Simpson
Boy in Barn/Ensemble/dd>
Jessi Elgood
Owen Reynolds
Emma Rouse
Antoni Cimolino
John Arnone
Scenic Design
Carolyn M. Smith
Costume Design
Steven Hawkins
Lighting Design
Todd Charlton
Sound Design
Laura Burton
Music Director
Lisa Shriver
Daniel Levinson
Stunt Coordinator
Anne Murphy
Stage Manager