Richard II

by William Shakespeare
American Players Theatre



The Bard’s historical drama of a young king overwhelmed by political intrigue, national bankruptcy, and unsuccessful wars. King Richard’s all too human flaws undermine his position with consequences that end in tragedy. He discovers too late how to rule and a kingdom is shaken by the questionable transfer of power.

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La Shawn Banks
Lord Fitzwater/Lord Ross
Carey Cannon
Queen to King Richard
Jason Cornwell
Jonathan Gillard Daly
John of Gaunt/Earl of Salisbury/Abbot of Westminster/Groom
David Daniel
Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk/Bishop of Carlisle
James DeVita
King Richard the Second
Anthony Giangrande
Duke of Aumerle
Kerby Joe Grubb
Benjamin Huber
Lord Willoughby/Guard/Murderer
Michael Huftile
Earl of Berkeley/Lord Marshal/Keeper
Sarah Malkin
Brian Mani
Edmund Langley, Duke of York/Gardener
D. Lance Marsh
Earl of Northumberland
Anne Newhall
Duchess of York/Duchess of Gloucester
John Taylor Phillips
Henry Percy/Herald
Christopher Prentice
Duke of Surrey/Herald/Murderer
James Ridge
Duke of Hereford
Matt Tallman
Sir Stephen Scroop/Sir Pierce of Exton/Bagot
[/columns] [tab:Creative]
David Frank
Karen Boyer
Costume Design
Michael Ganio
Scenic Design
Michael A. Peterson
Lighting Design
Lindsay Jones
Music and Sound Design
Lee E. Ernst
Fight Choreographer