catch22-poster-155x203by Joseph Heller
Signal Ensemble Theatre
C.P. as the Chaplain


This scathing dark comedy, set on an air base off the coast of Italy in the latter months of World War II, tells the story of Yossarian, an American bombardier who is convinced everyone is out to kill him. Terrified that he will have to fly more missions, he hatches a seemingly bulletproof plan to be discharged: he tells the doctor he is unfit to fly by reason of insanity.

Meredith Bell
Nurse Duckett/Investigating Officer/Mrs. Daneeka/Nately’s Whore/Luciana
Daniel E. Brennan
Ian Crossland
Snowden/McWatt/Nately/Patient/Sgt. Towser/Clevinger
Marcus Kamie
Lt. Col. Korn/Doc Daneeka/Patient’s Father/2nd Investigating Officer
Jason Powers
Major Major/Milo Minderbinder/Aarfy/Nately’s Mother/Patient’s Brother
Christopher Prentice
Aaron Snook
Texan/Cpl. Whitcomb/Daneeka’s Mother-in-Law/Old Man/Doctor/M.P.
Joseph Stearns
Colonel Cathcart/C.I.D. Man/Old Woman/Doctor
Aris Tompulis
Captain Black/Nately’s Father/Patient’s Mother/English Intern/Psychiatrist/Wintergreen/M.P.
Brandon Bruce
Director/Sound Designer
Melania Lancy
Scenic Designer
Laura M. Dana
Costume Designer
Timothy “Dante” Goodhart
Lighting Designer
Lara Maerz
Anthony Ingram
Stage Manager
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