Christopher Prentice as Estragon in Waiting for Godot at Signal Ensemble Theatre.

Waiting for Godot

There's no mystery to Signal's mastery of Beckett's seminal drama
Windy City Times

Widely acclaimed as a seminal masterwork of the 20th century, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot is at once a vaudevillian farce and a heartrending expression of our fear of uncertainty. A study of intimate relationships in all their comfortable and irritating glory, it also illustrates our need for companionship, our want of understanding, and our desperate hope that something good is waiting for us.

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Anthony Ingram
Lucky (remount)
Christopher Prentice
Benton Reynolds
Charles Schoenherr
Lucky (original)
Aaron Snook
Joseph Stearns


Ronan Marra
Nancy Freeman
Scenic Designer
Laura M. Dana
Costume Designer
Julie E. Ballard
Lighting Designer
Lara Maerz
David Blixt
Anthony Ingram
Assistant Director/Stage Manager (original)
Stephanie Ehemann
Stage Manager (remount)

With its production of Waiting for Godot, the Signal Ensemble Theatre captures the humor and the humanity of true friends bonding in the frustration of certain futility... As Estragon, Christopher Prentice captures the madness and the desperate hope of the wait for Godot in each, cleanly articulated movement and line. Forever tormented by shoes that don’t fit and a best friend who alternately enrages and invigorates him, Prentice’s Gogo is everyman banished to a nightmare twilight zone... Both are excellent physical comedians, but they never let the slapstick overbalance the universal emotions at the core of their characters. - Windy City Times
Signal artistic directors at opening night of "Waiting for Godot"
With my co-artistic directors Joe Stearns and Ronan Marra at Godot opening.

By Samuel Beckett
Signal Ensemble Theatre
Directed by Ronan Marra
With Christopher Prentice, Anthony Ingram, Charles Schoenherr, Aaron Snook, Joseph Stearns

Christopher Prentice (Gogo) and Aaron Snook (Didi) look at the tree in Waiting for Godot.