Christopher Prentice as Robin Hood and Meredith Siemsen as Maid Marian in Robin Hood for Oak Park Festival Theatre

Robin Hood

Credit rests with Christopher Prentice whose agile, uncontrived performance as the gallant outlaw reflects a striking command of Shakespeare’s language Daily Herald

Fully titled A Fanciful Historie of That Most Notable & Famous Outlaw Robyn Hood, Chicago playwright Scott Lynch-Giddings's adaptation is written in the style of early Shakespearean comedy.

Directed by Kevin Theis and featuring swashbuckling choreography by Geoff Coates, Chris played the title outlaw opposite Chicago favorite Steve Pickering as the Sheriff.

Poster for Robin Hood at Oak Park Festival Theatre

By Scott Lynch-Giddings
Oak Park Festival Theatre

Cast & Creative


Christopher Prentice
Robin Hood
Steve Pickering
Sheriff of Nottingham
Meredith Siemsen
Maid Marian


Scott Lynch-Giddings
Kevin Theis
Geoff Coates
Fight Director