Henry V

a rousing production … one of the finest Shakespeare productions from Mr. McAnuff
The New York Times

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers

A stirring and spectacular epic drama that poses profound questions about a leader’s relationship with his people.

To unite in common cause a kingdom torn by civil strife, England’s new monarch decides to enforce his claim to the throne of France. But after his invasion’s initial success, he finds himself facing a vastly superior French force on the fields of Agincourt – and with it, the ultimate test of his leadership.

Featuring a company of forty-plus performers, Tony Award-winning director Des McAnuff’s production premiered on the sixtieth anniversary of the Stratford Festival’s opening.

Part of the Boar’s Head crew of Falstaff’s followers, Chris played a saturnine (and personally heartbroken) Nim and doubled as a cautious Earl of Salisbury who had the unenviable duty of carrying out the King’s command to execute the French prisoners (in McAnuff’s staging, by burning them in their cells). He understudied the braggart Pistol.

Cast & Creative


Aaron Krohn
King Henry V
Ben Carlson
Captain Fluellen
Juan Chioran
Deborah Hay
Lucy Peacock
Tom Rooney
Ensign Pistol
Timothy D. Stickney
Duke of Exeter
Barbara Barsky
Wayne Best
Captain Gower
Richard Binsley
King Charles VI
Michael Blake
Constable of France
James Blendick
Archbishop of Canterbury
Dan Chameroy
Lord Scrope of Masham/Governor of Harfleur/Lord Rambures
David Collins
Bishop of Ely/Bates
Keith Dinicol
Captain MacMorris/Master le Fer
Victor Ertmanis
Earl of Cambridge/Lord Grandpré
Ryan Field
Duke of Bedford
Xuan Fraser
Duke of Burgundy/Duke of York
Stephen Gartner
Captain Jamy/Duke of Orleans
Randy Hughson
Lieutenant Bardolph/Sir Thomas Erpingham
Luke Humphrey
Robin Hutton
Bethany Jillard
Claire Lautier
Queen Isabel
Roy Lewis
Sir Thomas Grey/Alexander Court
Gareth Potter
Christopher Prentice
Corporal Nim/Earl of Salisbury
Stephen Russell
Earl of Westmorland
Tyrone Savage
Duke of Gloucester
Sophia Walker
Shawn DeSouza-Coelho
Thompson Duff
Harry Edison
Jim Hill
Milo Jones
Mark Machan
Chris Manousos
Justin Moses
Michael Neale
Reid Vanier
Brennan Connolly
Graham Hargrove
Mary Jay
Steve McDade
Kate Stone
Rob Stone


Barbara Barsky (Hostess), Wayne Best (Exeter), Dan Chameroy (King Charles VI), David Collins (Cambridge, Grey, Nim), Keith Dinicol (Fluellen, Bates), Victor Ertmanis (Bardolph, Erpingham, Governor of Harfleur, Westmorland, Jamy), Xuan Fraser (Montjoy, Constable, Gower, Grandpré, Court, Orléans), Stephen Gartner (Dauphin, Scrope, Gloucester, Bedford), Luke Humphrey (King Henry V), Robin Hutton (Queen Isabel), Claire Lautier (Catherine, Alice), Roy Lewis (Ely, Burgundy, York, le Fer, MacMorris, Salisbury), Christopher Prentice (Pistol, Williams, Rambures), Stephen Russell (Canterbury), Tyrone Savage (Boy) and Sophia Walker (Attendants)


Des McAnuff
Robert Brill
Scenic Design
Paul Tazewell
Costume Design
Michael Walton
Michael Roth
Peter McBoyle
Sound Design
  • Henry V
  • by William Shakespeare
  • Stratford Festival
  • Directed by Des McAnuff
  • 2012