Hamlet (Christopher Prentice) dies in Horatio's (Joseph Stearns) arms.


Signal Ensemble Theatre delivers a masterful production - faithful to text and tone and featuring a bravura performance by Christopher Prentice in the title role
Daily Herald

Following the death of his father, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, returns home to find his uncle now occupies the throne and the queen’s bed. Spurred by the ghost of his father and surrounded by spies, Hamlet must avenge his father’s murder.

Shakespeare’s greatest revenge tragedy is an incisive portrait of a thinking man forced to act under chilling circumstances.

Cast & Creative



Christopher Prentice
Don Bender
Meredith Siemsen
Joseph Stearns
Aaron Snook
Erin Myers
Vincent L. Lonergan
Eric Leonard
Daniel Behrendt
Ronald Kuzava
First Player/Player King/Second Gravedigger
Michael Pacas
Ghost/Player/Priest/English Ambassador
Philip Winston
Tim Garvey
Matthew Pearsall
Simone Roos
Player Queen
Bries Vannon


Ronan Marra
Melania Lancy
Scenic Design
Laura M. Dana
Costume Design
Julie E. Ballard
Lighting Design
Anthony Ingram
Original Score/Sound Design
Devon MacGregor & Sarah Elizabeth M.
Kevin Asselin
Fight Director
Stephanie Ehemann
Stage Manager


In 'Hamlet,' the name of the game is play and prey. And in its version of Shakespeare’s revenge tragedy, Signal Ensemble Theatre plays it straight with a masterful production – faithful to text and tone – marked by a bravura performance by Christopher Prentice in the title role… Much of the credit goes to the charismatic Prentice. Confident and credible, Prentice has a keen sense of pacing, which he uses to excellent effect in the soliloquies. It is also evident in the crescendo that accompanies Hamlet’s condemnation of Guildenstern’s attempts to manipulate him. His is a classic Hamlet: contemplative, visceral, arrogant, impatient and bit manic. Feigning madness in order to trap his murderous uncle and avenge his father, Hamlet insists 'I am not in madness, but mad in craft.' And yet, unrest underscores Prentice’s performance, suggesting that grief over his beloved father’s untimely death and his mother’s sudden remarriage may have unhinged him in ways he doesn’t realize. —Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald

Christopher Prentice is amazingly effective as the Danish Prince playing him with confidence and an acute and glib understanding of the complexity that Shakespeare wrote into the character. Prentice demonstrates his mastery of one of the toughest roles in theatre. His Hamlet is a true tour de force as he deftly moves Hamlet in and out of apparent insanity as he plots revenge on his uncle. Prentice has, indeed, put his mark on Hamlet that we’ll not soon forget. —Tom Williams, chicagocritic.com

And when Hamlet rejects Ophelia, his visible pain at having to carry out his cruel charade is enough to break our hearts. —Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

Christopher Prentice as Hamlet in the poster for Signal Ensemble Theatre.
  • Hamlet
  • By William Shakespeare
  • Signal Ensemble Theatre
  • 2007