'Break a Leg'

‘Break a Leg’ wraps

'Break a Leg'
Though the Producers (Boyd Harris and Christopher Prentice) are nameless, they’re kind of a big deal in “Break a Leg,” a new short film by Adam Dick.

At about 9pm last night, we heard: “That’s a wrap for Boyd and Chris!”

A smattering of applause from the crew, who still had a few things left to accomplish.

After two intense and long (but wonderful) days of shooting, my first short film (in which I speak) in five years, Break a Leg, wrapped yesterday night.

Written and directed by Adam Dick, the story concerns two film producers (Boyd Harris and Christopher Prentice) who audition a variety of people including an actress (Kate Black-Spence) (twice), the writer, and a few other interesting and eager (but shall remain nameless for now) folks, all under the watchful gaze of a panel of voting viewers.

Though Boyd and I play nameless Producers (#2 and #1, respectively), we’re actually kind of a big deal in the show.

(Incidentally, I learned “shows” are what they’re calling “pictures” nowadays in L.A. — of course, “I’m doing a ‘show'” in Chicago still means a play…)

A seriously dark comedy, with hints of horror and some throwback movie history, the picture is expected to make the rounds on the festival circuit.

I’m so thankful to have  been a part of the project, albeit briefly — I was a very last-minute addition (offered the part on Tuesday, started shooting Saturday) —and I had great fun. A fantastic crew and awesome, up-for-just-about-anything cast. Film work is tiring, and more different from stage work than I remembered. I am thrilled to, hopefully, do more of this type of work in the future.

I’ll announce more details and screening dates as soon as they’re available.

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