Why Don’t You Come on Back to the ‘War’


Chris returns to Chicago Shakespeare Theater for the second part (and conclusion) of Tug of War, Barbara Gaines‘s epic* two-part adaptation of six of Shakespeare’s English history plays.

(SPOILERS ahead, I guess, if you’re not familiar with the plays, or indeed English history—well, Shakespeare’s version of it.)

In the first installment, Foreign Fire, Chris understudied Freddie Stevenson as King Edward III and John Tufts as King Henry V. In Civil Strife, which comprises Henry VI parts 2 and 3 and Richard III, Chris covers Timothy Edward Kane as Richard (who, claws his way to the throne but lacks a horse) and Tufts as Suffolk (who woos a queen but loses his head to pirates) and Clarence (who, poor man, drowns in wine).

Tug of War: Civil Strife runs September 15–October 9.

* Epic A six-hour run time; please bring lunch or purchase it with your ticket from the theater

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