Christopher Prentice is a classically trained actor based in Chicago, with work ranging from Shakespearean tragedies to contemporary comedies. He most recently played Richard III for The Shakespeare Project of Chicago.

Workshop in progress

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VO demo

New Film Released

Chris’s latest film, Seau de Sang (Bucket of Blood), has just been released and is now available for streaming as part of the anthology 8beats, volume 1 .

Brilliantly funny

Christopher Prentice is brilliantly funny playing it straight as Anne’s barely willing suitor Slender; he has great command of the text and mastery of every malapropism … Malpropism-prone Slender gains most of our sympathy here thanks to a fantastically funny performance by Prentice, who has apparently been at the festival for three seasons but was hitherto unnoticed by me. He mangles the English language masterfully; his anxious ambivalence about marriage – and everything else – is a treat.
J. Kelly Nestruck
The Globe and Mail

Immense versatility

Prentice] is an actor of immense versatility and presence.
Dave Begel

Seemingly fearless

The charismatic Christopher Prentice has no such problem in presenting a Ned who can be brilliant and seemingly fearless in reading and exposing others — including Elizabeth herself — while also proving vulnerable, angry and scared, as Ned avoids what he’s lost in the past and what awaits him in the near future.
Mike Fischer
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel